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Aiming to be the only packaging company you will ever need
At Chokoku Plast, we aim to be the only packaging company you will ever need. Each member of our professional staff in every department shares an awareness of the issues at hand and earnestly attends to their daily work.
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From the planning stage right through to package manufacture, we handle every aspect with speed and flexibility
When selecting the right package to meet your material and strategic requirements, our experience and know-how, built up over many years, will help you. Get in touch with us if you are planning a new product, or renewing an existing one.
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We provide strong support to customers, developing packages with new features based on new ideas and technologies.
With product variety and differentiation a must, the improvement of packaging functionality and eye-catching qualities are called for. Whether it is the application of proprietary products from our present line up, or the development of new packages, we will provide a unique solution.
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We will answer our customers’ questions with sincerity.
When launching a new product on the market, there will be problems and misgivings. At our company, our sales staff makes every effort to answer customers’ questions honestly and responsibly and serve our customers in the best way possible.
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Here are some examples of actual solution proposals
We propose appropriate packaging solutions that satisfy all your various requirements.
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