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Details and features of our services
There are many stages involved in going from original concepts and ideas all the way to the finished product. At our company we appoint experienced staff to each section, ensuring speedy and reliable attention. Our greatest characteristic is that we build on our successes and continue to pursue new areas.
Digital processing and management
From “new plates” to “corrected plates”, all data accumulated along the way is digitally managed
“New plates” for new packaging and “corrected plates” for applying modifications. With our advanced image processing technology we produce plate-making data of outstanding reproductibility.
Planning and design
The customer is always at the forefront; we will come up with the design you envision.
Our design planning staff will work to produce a design based on the ideas relayed to us by the customer. Depending on package size, materials and contents we will add variations during the design process.
Proprietary product development
We succeeded in producing "EdgeStand" ? the sturdy stand-up pouch that stands out on store shelves.

Our currently popular stand-up pouch, "EdgeStand", started out as the idea of some of our staff members. All members of the company then worked together as a unit to overcome the various problems encountered on the project, leading to its eventual successful production. We will continue to work on developing new proprietary products.

Package performance measurement
We accurately measure package functionality and strength. Our per-lot management acts as a safeguard against trouble.
We assure quality, expressing the strength of our heat seals and laminates numerically to make it clear for customers. We swiftly handle tensile strength measurement, film construction analysis, and residual component analysis and measurement, etc., always putting quality first. We also have systems in place to react quickly to and resolve any issues that may arise.
Material selection
We select material makers based on performance and carefully choose the right packaging material to suit the contents.

For liquid products, the packaging must be resistant to puncturing, and for strong-smelling products the materials must have strong smell-retaining properties. We always take special care in selecting the right material for the job. The most suitable material from the most suitable material maker ? we always provide a wide range of options.

Quality control
We deliver high quality with our data-based quality control.

With our thorough quality control we deliver products of consistent quality. Furthermore, our lot control allows us to quickly diagnose any problems, should they arise.

Integrated production system
From design to bag manufacture, our integrated operations mean we can realize high quality and shorten delivery times.
From design creation to plate making, printing, laminating, coating and bag manufacture, with our integrated system we can deliver in a short time while maintaining high quality. We can also swiftly respond to modifications and corrections, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.
Trial manufacture
Using our general product know-how we continuously work on experimental products using new technologies to satisfy the needs of the marketplace.
We listen to the voices from the marketplace and, using the know-how we have acquired through constant improvements to our general products, we continue to work on experimental products with new technologies. These trials continue to give birth to innovative new products.
Providing samples
For functional packaging, we provide samples allowing you to evaluate functionality in advance.
For functional packages such as "MicroSteamer" you can conduct package filling and function testing with the actual contents you intend to use.
In order to realize ideas, we maintain excellent communication throughout our organization.
In order to realize ideas proposed by our development, sales or manufacturing departments, etc., we maintain an environment that allows for easy communication of ideas throughout our organization. Furthermore, we engage in co-development of materials with other companies when necessary, working to increase customer satisfaction. We are always open to new specific development themes.
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Details and features of our services
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