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Planning, ordering and production flow and key points
Explanation of package construction workflow and important points.
The core business of our company is flexible packaging. Here we explain the flow of production in detail. Our company’s strength lies in the integrated operating system in which we work, where professionals from each genre collaborate with each other throughout.
Package Planning
  Grasp the customer’s needs in detail
  Our staff will inquire about the customer’s required features and points of importance. When “product development” is necessary, we will hold a development meeting.  
Decide on specifications
  We will propose product specifications to suit the customer. We take special care with our selection of materials and processing methodology.  
Decide on design
  Our designers will create graphic designs according to the customer's demands.  
Dummy sample production

Our planning staff can produce product samples when necessary.

Package Production
Integrated production system
  At our company we have an integrated system covering design, product planning, production and delivery. We also pay special care and attention to our inspection and management system.  
Support / Management
Storage of digital data
  When package designs are frequently modified, accurate storage and management of data is a must. Designs, etc., are stored as digital data and we can quickly handle any modifications, as well as new designs.  
Provision of the latest information at anytime
  We can provide the customer with all kinds of information concerning materials and processing technology.  
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Planning, ordering and production flow and key points
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