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Frequently asked questions
Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers.
Many processes take place before our packages are used by our customers. In order to efficiently build a favorable relationship with our customers, we have gathered together some of the most frequently asked questions.
General questions about the company
What kind of company is Chokoku Plast?
A We are a company which designs, produces, and sells flexible packaging for food products, etc. In addition to general wrapping and packaging, we produce several original products and provide filling systems to our clients.
How should I go about getting a quotation?
A You can get in touch with us by e-mail, fax or telephone, etc. If you provide us with details of desired material, volume, number of colors, etc., we will get back to you with a quote. You may also contact us via the contact page on our company website.
What are your flagship products?
A We have a lineup of several unique, original products, such as our special square-bottomed stand-up pouch, “EdgeStand”, and our “MicroSteamer” steamer bags for use in microwave ovens with automatically opening steam vent. For more details see the product information page on our website, or contact us directly.
Do you handle products for purposes other than food packaging?
A We also do various kinds of coatings for film and paper (release paper, etc) and handle products for pet use, products for medical use, wallpaper, fire-retardant mats, etc.
Does your company specialize in original bags?
A If it is packaging made of plastic film (so-called flexible packaging) that you are looking for, we also produce roll-film, flat bags and other general packaging in standard-sizes.
Do you only sell made-to-order products?
A We also sell standard bags types developed by our company.
Where is your main manufacturing facility?
A We manufacture our products at our factories in Osaka and Shizuoka. In addition, we also have manufacturing facilities at our affiliate company in Sapporo.
Can you accept orders and deliver anywhere in the country?
A We can handle orders from all across the country and deliver nationwide.
What does the “Chokoku” (engraving) in your company name mean?
A It originates from the engraving procedure used for making printing plates. Today too, we use a technique known as electronic engraving.
Q&A regarding products and development
What kind of equipment is required in order to use EdgeStand’s “Roll Supply Type”?
A In order to use EdgeStand's “Roll Supply Type” you will need either a “horizontal FFS type packaging machine (box motion type)” or a “vertical FFS type packaging machine”. Depending on the make and model, it may be possible for you to use your existing FFS packaging machine with minor modification. Please contact us for more details.
What is the largest size of EdgeStand you can make?
A We have produced EdgeStand pouches about as large as a small carrier bag (approx 24cm x 20cm). We have many variations in size available, so please contact our sales staff for more details.
What forms can you supply your “MicroSteamer” in?
A We can supply our MicroSteamer as bags or as a roll. In the case of roll form, you may use your existing vertical, or horizontal, FFS type packaging machine.
What kind of product is P-Con?
A  P-Con is an economical easy-open product that does not require the use of easy-peel film. It is also possible to adjust the strength at time of opening.
Q&A regarding our specialties and basic technologies.
What are the characteristics and benefits of gravure printing?
A There are a number of advantages, most notably the uniquely rich color tone printing that can be achieved, the superior ability to reproduce images with gradations of color such as photographs, the high printing speed, excellent color-fastness and its suitability to high-volume print runs.
I would like to use Ageless, is there a bag available to meet my needs?
A You can select which film to use to construct the bag to meet your requirements. You need to select which film to use according to your target storage period. Please contact our sales staff for further details.
I want to package my product, but I don’t know which kind of bag and which material to use. What should I do?
A There are a variety of functions required of packaging to be taken into account, such as the package’s performance as a barrier to protect food, etc., its design and shape for effective display on retail shelves and its convenience to the consumer. If you discuss it with us, we can come up with a proposal for a potential product, based on the required conditions.
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