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Case Studies
Here we introduce some of our products that are in actual use
We will show you how some of our products are being used by our customers. You may discover ideas and know-how that could be utilized in your products. Please feel free to ask us about any of the cases you are interested in.
Client's industry sector Food manufacturer
Application Food packaging
Theme Total sales promotion
Solution From the product planning phase we provided sales promotion support, making a design proposal including promotional goods, as well as the package design itself.
Client's industry sector Food wholesaler
Application Food packaging
Theme Solving package problems during filling
Solution In order to investigate the cause of our client's filling problems, we visited their factory to take a look at their filling operation and worked with them to find a solution.
Client's industry sector Food manufacturer
Application Microwavable food packaging
Theme Microwavable packaging that does not allow the contents to boil over during heating

We solved the problem of the contents boiling over during heating, and the problem of the contents getting caught in the packaging during filling, by employing our own microwave food packaging, "MicroSteamer".

Client's industry sector Food manufacturer
Application Food packaging
Theme A stand-up pouch suitable for unstable contents

A stand-up pouch was required in order to improve visibility, but the contents made the package unstable. The problem was solved with our own stand-up pouch, "EdgeStand".

Client's industry sector Food manufacturer
Application Food packaging
Theme A stable stand-up pouch
Solution The original gusset pouch was unstable because of the formation of its bottom. Using special molding techniques, we succeeded in improving the design and solving the stability problem.
Client's industry sector Food container wholesaler
Application Food container film
Theme moldability / molding speed / anti-static
Solution When tackling the problem, we inspected the poor workability of the film and ink being used and we were successful in stably supplying a much more workable product.
Client's industry sector Building materials wholesaler
Application Packaging for building materials
Theme Packaging with outstanding strength

We investigated materials for packaging strong enough not to break, even when dropped from 2 stories. We proposed a suitably durable material for the task, along with a package shape proposal.

Client's industry sector Housewares wholesaler
Application Packaging for miscellaneous daily goods
Theme Measures to stop the rupturing of atmospheric packaging

We were faced with the problem of the contents spilling out if we opened ventilation holes. However, we were able to solve the problem by partially incorporating a non-woven material with the film and also adjusting the film thickness to an appropriate level.

Client's industry sector Food manufacturer
Application Microwavable food packaging
Theme A packaging material for even heating in a microwave
Solution Uneven heating occurred when package was cooked in the microwave. Our "MicroSteamer" with its small ventilation hole achieved an increased steaming effect solving the uneven heating problem.
Client's industry sector Packing material wholesaler
Application Packaging for liquid
Theme Improve the strength of packaging for liquids

In order to improve the strength of special packaging for a liquid medication, we investigated various film materials and compositions and were able to strengthen the package sufficiently.

Client's industry sector Food manufacturer
Application Retort food packaging
Theme Environmentally friendly non-aluminium solution
Solution After comparative evaluation and selection of the latest barrier films, we were able to propose a transparent evaporated film.
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