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EdgeStand 特徴 グッドデザイン賞受賞 種類 3つの充填タイプ フレキシブル・マシン発想 エッジスタンドvs従来型スタンドパウチ
Features of EdgeStand
Stand-up ability A skirt around the bottom of the pouch extends along the surface of each panel of the pouch and supports its stand-up ability.
Contents The entire pouch, including the skirt, is made from a single sheet of laminated film, so the pouch can hold powders and liquids, as well as solids. (Liquids compatible with pre-made pouches)
Material Composition The high barrier construction and various paper combinations make for a material with a great amount of freedom in its composition.
Environmentally-friendly This light-weight packaging serves as an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional paper, plastic and metal containers.
Various Shapes Various bottom shapes, such as rectangular, oval and triangular can be produced. Also, the width of the bottom skirt can be adjusted, allowing for further variation in appearance.
Filling The pouch may be filled by using either a VFFS or HFFS system (film roll supply), as well as by using a rotary filling machine (pre-made pouch supply).
Recipient of the Good Design Award
Recipient of the Good Design Award

EdgeStand was honored with a Good Design Award in 2004

Operator: The Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO)
Name: G-Mark

Vertical Pillow (VFFS) Type Horizontal Pillow (HFFS) Type
No corner-edge type Corner-edge type No corner-edge type Hem type
Pre-made pouch types
Rectangular type Triangular type Soft Type Wide-skirt type
3 kinds of EdgeStand filling types.
In addition to the conventional pre-made pouch feed type filling system, a film roll feed type system capable of handling both vertical and horizontal pillow pouches is now possible.
Fill roll feed type
Pre-made pouch feed type
Flexible machine concept
1 The vertical and horizontal FFS machines both feature a simple, flexible design capable of handling both EdgeStand and conventional pillow packaging in a single unit.
2 The pre-made bag feeder type machine can be also used for conventional gusset bags.
EdgeStand Type A (rectangular type) vs. Conventional Stand-up Pouch (bottom gusset type)
EdgeStand Type A
Conventional Stand-up Pouch
Bag form
Side gusset (square bottom)
Bottom gusset (oval bottom)
Construction method
1 sheet of film
Usually 3 sheets of film
Display effects
The square base enables display on shelf without gaps between items
The oval base means that gaps are formed, wasting valuable shelf space
Printable on base
Impossible, except for repeating patterns
Virtually no limitations
Virtually no limitations
Operation in Europe
To meet the needs of process outsourcing in Europe, we are pleased to announce cooperation with Budelpack Poortvliet B.V., a leading contract packaging company in European food market.
The co-packing operation with EdgeStand is planned to be started shortly in Nederland in a Form-Fill-Seal packaging format.
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